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The goal of this template is to provide a nice-looking poster layout, easy to configure and fill in.

This poster template is a largely inspired but purified version of this template.

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## Structure The template is structured in the following way: - `main.tex`: This is the main TeX file to be compiled. Here you can include your payload. - `fonts`: This folder contains the fonts to be used in `main.tex`. - `imgs`: This folder is aimed to contain logos and figures. - `parts`: This folder contains the bibliography (in BibTeX format) to be used in `main.tex`. - `styles`: This folder contains the styles for defining the layout. Most of the included ones should not be edited. ## Compilation The compilation can easilly be configured in [Texmaker]( by defining a *Quick Build Command*: 1. Go to the menu *Options* 2. Select *Configure Texmaker* 3. Go to tab *Quick Build* 4. In the field *User : (...)*, replace the command with: latexmk -pdf -xelatex -use-make %.tex 5. Then click *OK* This will produce `main.pdf`. ## Making your poster Parts that you should adapt: - `main.tex` - `parts/bibliography.bib` - include images in `imgs` and refer to these in `main.tex` ## Related Projects You may also like these: - [TeX Book Template]( A template for writing a nice book with LaTeX. - [TeX Cheat Sheet Template]( A template for creating a nice cheat sheet with LaTeX. - [TeX Course Index Template]( A template for writing a condensed course index leveraging LaTeX indexing. - [TeX Master Thesis Template]( A template for writing a nice master thesis dissertation with LaTeX.