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Store a dataset in XSLX-like format.

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This library contains code for handling the DataSet File Format (DSFF) based on the XSLX format and for converting it to ARFF (for use with the Weka framework), CSV or a FilelessDataset structure (from the Packing Box).

pip install --user dsff


Creating a DSFF from a FilelessDataset

>>> import dsff
>>> with dsff.DSFF() as f:
    f.write("/path/to/my-dataset")  # folder of a FilelessDataset (containing data.csv, features.json and metadata.json)
    f.to_arff()                     # creates ./my-dataset.arff
    f.to_csv()                      # creates ./my-dataset.csv
# while leaving the context, ./my-dataset.dsff is created

Creating a FilelessDataset from a DSFF

>>> import dsff
>>> with dsff.DSFF("/path/to/my-dataset.dsff") as f:
    f.to_dataset()  # creates ./[dsff-title] with data.csv, features.json and metadata.json

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