The following example shows how to decode a multi-stage encoded data using the guess feature of codext. It allows to recover the original data in only a few seconds using an AI algorithm.

$ echo -en "cac6d0de40449068e69282906cf282da82865eeeec94f286f0ae8296948ad0ca988a669296c6ac92b0d2d6e2989aec90a27282a0d4f266929ab28282828244407c405ee8dae05edae6ce5ce8f0e8" | codext guess hex
Codecs: hex, rotate-left-1
echo "H4sIAH6yAmAC/wvJyCxWAKJEheLE3IKcVIXikqLMvHQ9APjy3IMYAAAA" > /tmp/msg.txt

$ echo -en "H4sIAH6yAmAC/wvJyCxWAKJEheLE3IKcVIXikqLMvHQ9APjy3IMYAAAA" | codext guess base64
Codecs: base64, gzip
This is a sample string.

Briefly, the guess feature of codext uses a (pseudo) Graph Search to try decoding stages using the range of codecs available.